The Towpro Resort Ready System will instantly improve the customer experience and capacity of your ski resort. 

The value added to your freestyle and race teams is unlike anything the ski industry has seen before: more laps per minute, more efficient training schedules and your local athletes will have the results to prove it.  Towpro Lifts are an essential component to providing the best environment for these types of athletes to improve their skills. 

The Towpro System is fully compliant with tramway safety board inspections and regulations in all 50 states in the U.S. Towpro can also make any modifications needed for any international applications and perform an on site inspection with the local officials to ensure your lift package meets your local standards.

some key features of the Resort Ready Systems include:

  • Aluminum construction for minimal Maintainance needs.

  • Emergency stop controls and gates on both ends of the unit

  • Variable speed controls

  • 5/8" or 3/4” diameter rope for easy set up and storage while still providing a solid grip for occupants.

  • Multiple rope lengths can be used with one lift to provide versatility on the mountain.

  • Available in 200-480 Volts inputs in either Single or 3-Phase.

  • YES it can run from an appropriately sized generator

  • A "Forward / Reverse" control switch  allows you to operate the lift with uphill service on either the left or the right of the system.

Set up and portability:


we recommend having 3-5 able bodied people available to set up the lift. The powered unit can be slid around on the snow by hand, snowmobile or cat, and anchored on a flat surface (you can dig out a small shelf when on a slope to achieve this) 4 anchors for the powered unit are 3ft long large tent stakes hammered into the snow and ice for stability and attached to the unit through ratchet straps and mounting hook tabs. The Drive Unit has locations to hammer stakes directly through the frame into the snow too.

The Drive Unit

Housing the motor and mechanical linkages, the Drive Unit is the foundation of the system. Our dual belt drive system provides redundancy ensuring delivery of power even if one belt breaks. The aluminum frame is strong yet light weight, designed with many mounting points and attachments for the Control Unit. 

The Control Unit

The brains of the operation,  the Control Unit houses the onboard VFD and control circuitry. The control unit is typically mounted on top of the drive unit, but can be mounted up to a few hundred feet away from the drive location. With buttons for power on, e-stop, variable speed control, direction of rotation and an onboard light for nighttime operation, the control unit makes it easy to operate the Towpro System.

The Return Unit

consisting of two sheaves, a foldable aluminum frame and skids, the return unit can be anchored with anywhere from 3 to 5 stakes depending on loading conditions. It is designed to move on the surface of the snow while anchored to provide some suspension for the system and allow for appropriate tensioning of the rope. A simple ratcheting cable winch puller and handle is enough to apply tension to the system through a supplied steel cable (all components included in the package)

Your rope tow system will come with everything you need to be set up and running the same day it arrives. Anchors, strapping, cables, stanchions, e-stop gates and more, all will be in the crate when you take delivery of your new lift. Just plug it in to your designated power source and go.